TVET Authority functions and registration

TVET Authority (TVETA) is a state corporation established under the Technical And Vocational Education And Training Act No. 29 Of 2013. It is under the Ministry of Education and its main function is to regulate the TVET sector and register both the trainer and the institution under the Act.

TVET Authority functions as per the Act of 2013

The following are functions that it is mandated to carry out as per the Act.

  1. Regulate and coordinate training under the TVET Act.
  2. Accredit and inspect programmes and courses.
  3. Advise and recommend to the Cabinet Secretary on all matters related to training.
  4. Determine the national technical and vocational training objectives.
  5. Promote access and relevance of training programmes within the framework of the overall national socio-economic development plans and policies.
  6. Prescribe the minimum criteria for admission to training institutions and programmes in order to promote access, equity, and gender parity.
  7. Recognize and equate qualifications awarded by local or foreign technical and vocational education institutions in accordance with the Standards and guidelines set out by the Authority from time to time.
  8. Develop plans, and guidelines for the effective implementation of the provisions of the TVET Act.
  9. Establish a training system that meets the needs of both the formal and informal sectors as provided under the TVET Act.
  10. Collect, examine, and publish information relating to training.
  11. Inspect, license, register, and accredit training institutions.
  12. Advise on the development of schemes of service for trainers.
  13. Assure quality and relevance in programmes of training.
  14. Liaise with the national and county governments and the public and private sector on matters relating to training.
  15. Undertake, or cause to be undertaken, regular monitoring, evaluation, and inspection of training and institutions to ensure compliance with set standards and guidelines.
  16. Mobilize resources for the development of training.
  17. Ensure the maintenance of standards, quality, and relevance in all aspects of training, including training by or through open, distance, and electronic learning.
  18. Approve the process of introduction of new training programmes and review existing programmes in Technical and Vocational Education and Training Board institutions.

TVET Authority services

The authority has consolidated all these functions into 5 services that help them meet their mandate as per the Act. The main service includes.

Trainer registration and accreditation

All trainers who train in the TVET sector both public and private are required to be registered and licensed by TVET Authority. The application is done online on the TVETA authority portal.

To be registered you require academic certificates, good conduct, have done pedagogy, and then pay Ksh. 1000. For other requirements you can check on the TVETA trainer application process.

Institution registration and accreditation

TVETA is mandated by the Act to register and accredit all TVET institutions that operate within the boundaries of the country. It checks and accredits the programs that are offered in the institute. The capacity of the institute to offer the respective courses.

Registration and accreditation can be done through the portal.

TVET sector standard development

Another mandate of the TVET Authority is to create and develop standards to be used within the TVET sector. The development of this standard must include participation from all stakeholders to ensure the inclusivity of all parties. Currently, the Authority has developed the following TVET standards for use.

  1. CBETA Standards and Guidelines.
  2. The PLAR Standards and guidelines
  3. The Trainers Qualification Framework Standards TQF
  4. The National Polytechnic Standards and guidelines
  5. Open Distance and E-learning Standards (ODeL)
  6. Centre of Excellence Standards and Guidelines

Compliance and enforcement of the TVET Act

To ensure quality standards are maintained within the TVET sector the authority carries out compliance audits in all registered institutions. They check if the institutions are following and meeting all the requirements of the Act and other requirements laid down by the authority.

The Authority also checks the examination body that offers certification within the sector. These include KNEC, TVETCDACC, National Polytechnic, and any other body both local and foreign.

Outreach Services

To ensure the county emblazes the technical courses the authority is mandated to ensure the public is sensitized and trained on all matters in the sector. To achieve this they participate in a number of activities which include:

  1. Organizing capacity building and training for TVET providers.
  2. Organizing talk shows on TVET.
  3. Create awareness on the matter TVET on national and county governments.
  4. Publish and disseminate TVET research findings and other matters related to the sectors among others.