What is TSC TPAD appraisal benefits, objectives and process?

The Teacher Performance Appraisal and Development (TPAD) is an online system that TSC uses for quality assurance and performance evaluation of teachers. As per the Teachers Service Commission Code of Regulations for Teachers, 2015 TSC is mandated to create an open appraisal system to strengthen supervision and continuously monitor the performance of teachers in curriculum implementation.

The system was introduced in 2016 for both primary and post-primary teachers. The headteacher is the oversight authority in the institution concerning TPAD.

Objectives of implementing TPAD

The main objective of implementing the appraisal system within the teaching profession in Kenya was to improve the quality of education offered to students. The appraisal targets a reduction in teacher absenteeism from class.

The system also aims to ensure there is continual professional development and training for teachers to acquire new and latest methods of content delivery and other emerging issues in the teaching profession.

Benefits of TPAD

Implementation of TPAD in public schools has many benefits for all stakeholders involved including teachers, students, parents, management, and TSC. Some of the notable benefits are.

  1. Through appraisal, TSC can help provide quality education to learners in all public institutions.
  2. Appraisal allows teachers to improve on their performance competencies since they can monitor their progress.
  3. TPAD can be used to identify performance gaps and provide support for professional development.
  4. TSC can use the data and records from the system for the fair promotion of teachers and other decision-making.
  5. The system provides for fair, effective, and consistent teacher evaluation since everybody is evaluated on the same 5 standards.
  6. TSC can use the system for disciplinary cases since the evidence can be obtained from the TPAD online system.
  7. The Ministry of Education through TSC can use the data from the system to make changes to the education policies depending on the gaps identified.
  8. The system helps improve record keeping and tracking of teacher performance data.
  9. Since the system makes teachers accountable, this will protect the rights and safety of learners for quality education.

TPAD standards

The teacher appraisal system is based on 5 standards that were reviewed from the previous 7. The standards are criteria that are used to evaluate the teacher. Using these 5 criteria TSC can fairly evaluate teachers in all major areas that are in the teaching profession. The 5 criteria standards include,

  1. Professional knowledge and practice;
  2. Comprehensive learning environment;
  3. Teacher professional development;
  4. Teacher conduct and professionalism;
  5. Participation and professional learning community.

TPAD appraisal hierarchy

The TSC gives the guidelines on who is supposed to appraise and confirm the results to ensure the process is fair for all involved. The guidelines separate the appraisal for a primary teacher from that of a post-primary teacher.

Primary school teacher appraisal process

Primary teacher TPAD appraisal process

The post-primary teacher appraisal process

The TSC manages teachers in secondary schools, teacher training institutions, and other education centers. This part of the appraisal covers, teachers, trainers, tutors, and lecturers in those institutions.