Roles of TSC county and sub-county director

Education functions in Kenya are not devolved and hence they are managed by the national government under the Ministry of Education and for teachers the TSC. However, the TSC is allowed to have its officers devolved into counties and sub-counties for easy management of teachers.

To manage all the teachers in public primary, secondary, and teacher training schools the TSC has offices in all the counties and sub-counties in the country.

The role assigned to county directors is the overall management of teacher and TSC matters at the county or subcounty level. Their roles include recruitment, transfer, TPAD, discipline, promotions, and enforcing TSC guidelines among other responsibilities assigned from headquarters.

In this article, we cover the roles and functions of both county and sub-county directors as stipulated in the TSC Code of Regulations for Teachers, 2015.

Roles of TSC county director of education

The TSC county director is an employee of TSC deployed to manage its functions at the county level. The officer reports to the TSC secretary at Nairobi on all matters of the respective county. The roles and responsibilities assigned to the county directors of TSC include.

  1. Facilitate the processing of teacher registration and enforcement of the requirements for teacher registration.
  2. Coordinate teacher recruitment at the county and ensure that the Commission’s recruitment guidelines in force are adhered to.
  3. Maintain a database of registered teachers including the unemployed teachers within the county.
  4. Manage aspects of teacher management as per the existing policy and guidelines within the county through recruitment, transfers, posting, receiving and recommending teachers’ study leave, handling disciplinary matters as directed by the TSC secretary, and identifying through a competitive process teachers to be deployed to administrative positions.
  5. Implement guidelines issued by the Commission from time to time.
  6. Maintain a database for all administrative posts in the county.
  7. Maintain a data bank of all teacher vacancies available in the county.
  8. Coordinate identification and selection of candidates for Teacher Professional Development Courses within the county as per the guidelines issued by the TSC.
  9. Coordinate teacher promotions under the common cadre establishment within the county.
  10. Ensure that teachers comply with the teaching standards prescribed by the TSC.
  11. Monitor the conduct and performance of teachers at the county level.
  12. Oversee performance appraisal of teachers at the county level.
  13. Submit other reports related to the performance of teachers as the TSC may require.
  14. Transmit reports from heads of institutions to the Commission.
  15. Supervise teachers within the county.
  16. Advise the respective county governments on matters relating to the teaching profession.
  17. Receive and transmit teachers’ documents for processing of pension and related dues
  18. Liaise with the TSC secretary and stakeholders in resource mobilisation.

TSC sub-county director roles

The officer reports to the county director in the respective county. The functions and responsibilities of a subcounty director include.

  1. Facilitate the processing of teacher registration.
  2. Update and submit data on staffing levels to the county office.
  3. Assign teachers employed by the TSC to public institutions within the sub-county.
  4. Coordinate teacher performance management activities within the sub-county.
  5. Investigate allegations of professional misconduct within the sub-county.
  6. Receive applications for transfer of service of teachers to public institutions for submission to the county office.
  7. Receive applications for release of teachers to other institutions for submission to the county office.
  8. Receive retirement documents for processing of pension and related dues and submit them to the county office.
  9. Supervise staff within the sub-county office
  10. Perform any other duty as may be assigned by the county director.