Pertinent and Contemporary Issues (PCIs) in CBC in Kenya curriculum

Have you ever wondered how relevant is what you learn in the classroom to issues currently happening in your world? Pertinent and contemporary issues (PCIs) in the CBC curriculum are set to answer that question.

Pertinent means something relevant while contemporary issues mean something current or happening now. So, pertinent and contemporary issues are relevant issues that affect our day-to-day living. When implemented in education it means learners are taught relevant issues that will help them solve the current issues that are affecting them in the current world.

The 4 Pertinent and Contemporary Issues (PCIs) areas in the curriculum are citizenship, health, life skills and values, and social and economic issues.

For a Kenyan child to be at par with all other children in the world the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) is designed to ensure these issues are included to meet society’s needs. The PCIs are integrated into the core competencies that are offered in CBC.

Importance of pertinent and contemporary issues in the CBC curriculum

The issues are supposed to be integrated and mainstreamed into the learning in formal, informal, and non-formal ways. They are not taught as a separate subject but are integrated into all other areas as applicable.

The curriculum developed by KICD should cater to all these issues and integrate them into all subjects.

By integrating these issues into the curriculum they will help the learner achieve and handle current relevant issues. Learners can relate what they learn in class and what happening around them.

Students can handle emerging issues in areas of politics, climate change, pandemics, and psychological changes among others.

This ensures that at any given level of learning the student can gain skills that they can use to solve real-world problems.

Pertinent and Contemporary Issues (PCI) in the CBC

The original PCIs defined in the Basic Education Curriculum Framework (BECF) were 6 then scaled down to 4.

The initial 6 PCIs were:

  1. Global citizenship
  2. Health education
  3. Life skills and value education,
  4. Education for sustainable development,
  5. Learner support programme
  6. Community service learning and parental involvement.

The current 4 PCIs that are to be incorporated into the curriculum are:

  1. Global Citizenship
  2. Health education
  3. Life Skills and Values
  4. Social and Economic Issues

Global Citizenship

This PCI issue deals with enlightening the learner on matters to do with both local and global leadership. It should equip learn to align with human rights, racial relations patriotism child rights among others. Examples of areas covered under this PCI are:

  1. Peace education
  2. Good governance and integrity
  3. Ethnic and racial relations
  4. Social cohesion
  5. Patriotism and good governance
  6. Human rights and responsibilities
  7. Child’s rights, child care, and protection

Health Education

The component is met to equip the learner on how to take care of their body and health in general. It touches on drug abuse, different diseases, and mental health among others. Other examples in this area are:

  1. Alcohol and drug abuse prevention
  2. Lifestyle diseases
  3. Personal hygiene
  4. Preventive health
  5. HIV and AIDS Education
  6. Common communicable and chronic diseases
  7. Noncommunicable diseases
  8. First aid
  9. Harmful cultural practices
  10. Mental health

Life skills and values

These are relevant contemporary issues that enable the student to live and interact with others in the community. They should impact the student on soft skills to navigate daily issues of life. Examples of areas aligned to this PCI are:

  1. Life Skills and Values
  2. Moral education
  3. Human sexuality
  4. Etiquette
  5. Self-awareness and self-esteem
  6. Coping with emotions and managing stress
  7. Negotiation
  8. Peer pressure resistance
  9. Problem-solving
  10. Critical and creative thinking

Social and economic issues

On social and economic issues the student should be introduced to matters to deal with poverty eradication, environmental issues safety, and security among others after both social and economic matters. Other areas under this PCI are:

  1. Environment conservation
  2. Disaster risk reduction
  3. Safety and security,
  4. Radicalization,
  5. Poverty eradication
  6. Animal welfare
  7. Cyberbullying
  8. Pollutions