List of Aviation Schools in Kenya

Aviation training schools are regulated by KCAA and other bodies in the aviation sector. They offer a variety of courses including, pilot training, safety, dangerous cargo, crew management, and ground and air hospitality among others.

When doing courses related to aviation ensure the school you are training is authorized and licensed for the course by the right body. Again, ensure they are registered to offer examination by internationally recognized aviation examining bodies.

Some of the best aviation schools in Kenya are EASA, Kenya School of Flying, Flight Training Center, 99 Flying, and Proactive Schools among others.

List of approved aviation schools by KCAA in Kenya

Below is a list of aviation schools. For more details on any school you can visit their website and contact them directly

East African School of Aviation

EASA is one of the best aviation schools in the county with 2 campuses Embakasi and Wilson Airport. It is a government institution managed by KCAA under the Ministry of Transport.

Courses offered at the East African School of Aviation (EASA)

  1. Airside safety procedures
  2. Diploma in Flight Operations/Dispatch
  3. Aircraft loading and handling
  4. Aircraft weight and balance
  5. Perishable goods regulations awareness
  6. Diploma in airport operations
  7. Aviation security awareness
  8. International Air Transport Association (IATA) Airline cabin crew
  9. Crew resource management initial training course
  10. Crew resource management recurrent training course
  11. Safety Management Systems (SMS)
  12. Flight operations

Kenya School of Flying

It is a professional flight training school mostly dedicated to pilot training. Their main training campus is Wilson Airport and other centers at Malindi, Orly Airpark, and Ukunda Airstrip.

They have a fleet of 15 training aircraft as per the school website.

Courses offered at Kenya School of Flying.

  1. Private Pilot License (PPL)
  2. Commercial Pilot Licenses (CPL)
  3. Multi-Engine and Instrument Rating (MEIR)
  4. Air Transport Pilot Licenses (ATPL)
  5. Flight Instructor Rating (FIR)

Flight Training Centre

Flight Training Center was established in 2008 and it is a fully-fledged flying training school. The main campus is located at Wilson Airport.

Flight training center courses

  1. Airline Transport Pilots Licence (ATPL)
  2. Commercial Pilot Licence(CPL)
  3. Multi-Engine Instrument Rating (MIR)
  4. Private Pilot Licence (PPL)
  5. Qualified Flying Instructors (QFI)

Ninety nines Flying School

It is a dedicated flight training organization catering to the private, commercial, and airline sectors. It has a fleet of 10 training aircraft.

Courses offered as 99 flying school

  1. Private Pilot Licence
  2. Commercial Pilot Licence
  3. Airline Transport Licence
  4. Multi-Engine Instrument Rating
  5. Qualified Flying Instructors

Proactive Training Services

The training school is mostly dedicated to pilot training. It is KCAA-approved and based at Wilson Airport.

Proactive flight training school courses

  1. Private Pilot Licence
  2. Commercial Pilot Licence
  3. Multi-Engine Instrument Rating
  4. Licence Conversion & Renewals

Skymax Aviation Limited

It is under the Kenya Aeronautical College which trains aeronautic engineers at all levels from craft, diploma to degree. Skymax is dedicated to training pilots. Its main campus is at Wilson Airport.

Courses at Skymax Aviation School.

  1. Private Pilot Licence
  2. Commercial Pilot Licence

Aerosafe African Consultants

It is an aviation school registered as an approved training organization that offers courses in the aviation industry. It also offers consultancy in operation and safety.

Aerosafe Africa courses

  1. Flight operation officer
  2. Crew resource management
  3. Aviation safety
  4. Safety management systems
  5. The human factor in maintenance

Nairobi Flight Training School

It is a private institution that offers specialized training for students wishing to take up careers in flying airplanes. It is based at Wilson Airport.

Courses offered at Nairobi flight school

  1. Private Pilot Licence
  2. Commercial Pilot Licence
  3. Instrument rating (ME or SE)

Westrift Aviation Limited

It offers flight training and it is based at Wilson.

Courses at Westrift Aviation School

  1. Private Pilot Licence
  2. Commercial Pilot Licence
  3. Instrument rating (ME or SE)
  4. Flight dispatch
  5. Air transport pilot license

Capital Connect Aviation Supplies

It was established in 2014 to provide quality, safe, and recognized flight training. The school is based in Wilson.

Capital Connect Aviation Supplies courses

  1. Private Pilot Licence
  2. Commercial Pilot Licence
  3. Aeronautical engineering
  4. Flight dispatch
  5. Cabin crew

KQ Pride Centre

The school is based in Embakasi. It opened its doors in 2007 and offers courses in hospitality in air or on-ground courses.

Courses at KQ Pride Center

  1. Aviation security
  2. Flight dispatch
  3. Cargo courses
  4. Flight operations
  5. Ground operations

Think Aviation Training

It is a KCAA-accredited aviation school that specializes in training programmes for flight operations and safety, airport security, and cabin crew management among others.

Courses at Think Aviation School

  1. Private pilot license
  2. Human Factors
  3. Dangerous goods
  4. Crew resource management
  5. QMS and Audit techniques
  6. Flight operations and dispatch
  7. Safety management systems
  8. Aviation security awareness
  9. Core instructional techniques.

Flitestar Academy

It is a KCAA-accredited and recognized flight academy, located at Wilson Airport in Nairobi.

Flitestar Flight Academy school courses

  1. Private Pilot Licence
  2. Commercial Pilot Licence
  3. Instrument rating
  4. Flight operations and dispatch

Mt.Kenya Flight School

It is an aviation training institution focusing on flight instruction and operations support training. It is based at Nanyuki Airstrip

Mt.Kenya Flight School courses

  1. Private Pilot License (PPL)​
  2. Commercial Pilot License (CPL)
  3. Foreign license to local license conversion
  4. Ground school for PPL, CPL, and Conversion
  5. Night Rating
  6. Instrument Rating (IR)
  7. Multi-engine rating (MEL)

Sicham Aviation Limited

This is a school mostly dedicated to helicopter pilot training.

Other aviation school

Standards Aviation

Valentine Air Services

Pegasus Flyers (EA) Limited