KUCCPS course, requirements, and its functions

The Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) is a SAGA in the Ministry of Education mandated to place all students who apply for courses in public learning institutions.

The University Act, of 2012 established the placement body, which highlights its core mandate and functions.

The purpose of KUCCPS is to coordinate the placement of students in universities, colleges, and TVET institutions. The board also develops career guidance to be used by Kenyan students for progress.

Functions of KUCCPS per the University Act 2012

  1. Co-ordinate the placement of government-sponsored students to universities and colleges
  2. Disseminate information on available programmes, their costs, and the areas of study prioritized by the Government
  3. Collect and retain data relating to university and college placement
  4. Advise the Government on matters relating to University and college student placement
  5. Develop career guidance programmes for the benefit of students

KUCCPS courses and requirements

The placement board offers courses from different learning institutions across the country. Each learning institution declares its course capacity requirement and they are uploaded on the portal for students to choose from.

Courses offered by KUCCPS

KUCCPS portal allows for the application of 4 levels of courses and programmes.

  1. Degree programmes: these are offered by universities and colleges for those with a minimum grade of C+ in KCSE.
  2. Diploma programmes: They are offered by both universities, National Polytechnics, TTI, and TVC.
  3. Craft certificate programmes: the course is also offered by the same institutions that offer diplomas.
  4. Artisan programmes: the courses are mostly hands-on competency courses. They are offered by National Polys, TTI & TVC, and Vocational Training Center (VTC) commonly known as youth polytechnics.

Requirements to apply for the KUCCPS courses

All accredited universities and registered TVET institutions have declared and uploaded their courses into the portal to allow students to apply. Other general requirements include.

  1. A Kenyan Citizen is governed by Chapter Three of the Constitution of Kenya and the Kenya Citizenship Act Cap 170.
  2. Sponsorship will be eligible to all applicants provided that the KCSE Candidates of the year preceding the selection and those who have never benefited before are given Priority.
  3. The minimum admission requirement to apply for degree programmes will be C+.
  4. The minimum admission requirement to apply for a diploma will be C-.
  5. The minimum admission requirement to apply for a craft certificate will be D.
  6. The minimum admission requirement to apply for an Artisan certificate will be E.
  7. Applications shall be subjected to minimum subject requirements from regulators and training institutions where applicable.

After the student applies for the courses through the portal, the board use different criteria to allocate the available space for each course in each institution. For more competitive courses, the KCSE mean grade requirement will be high. This is the same with well-known institutions, they are more competitive.

To secure your preferred course ensure your KCSE grade is competitive enough for the college and the course selected. Otherwise, you may miss your chance for the course and institution. However, KUCCPS give you another chance to revise if you are not placed but at a cost.