Kapsabet High School location, contact and perfomance

Kapsabet High School is a national boys’ school in Nandi County, Kapsabet. It was founded in 1925 as a Government African School (GAS) to cater to African children in the era when African schools in Africa were still segregated into different races.

It is categorized as a public national school by the Ministry of Education and it has produced some of the top leadership of the county as alumnae like the former president of the Republic of Kenya, Moi.

Kapsabet High School location

The school is located within Kapsabet township. It is approximately 40 km from Eldoret time.

Kapsabet high direct from Eldoret town

Aerial view of the school

Aerial view of Kapsabet school compound

Vision, mission, and motto.


The Top School in Kenya


Strive to Excel


To provide distinctive educational services in a learner-friendly environment where all students achieve their full potential; in pursuit of excellence, we uphold professionalism.

Contact and address

Physical address

P.O Box 10-30300 Kapsabet



Phone :




Kapsabet national KCSE performance trend

As a national school, it has been performing considerably well over the years, and it has been ranked position 1 many times. According to the Kapsabet High website, the following are the national performance rankings.

  1. 2013 ranked 4th nationally.
  2. 2014 ranked 2nd nationally.
  3. 2015 ranked 5th nationally.
  4. 2016 ranked 15th nationally.
  5. 2017 ranked 8th nationally.
  6. 2018 ranked 4th nationally.
  7. 2019 ranked 2nd nationally.
  8. 2020 ranked 1st nationally
  9. 2021 ranked 1st nationally.
  10. 2022 ranked 18th nationally.