Kabete National Poly courses, and requirements

Kabete National Polytechnic (Kabete NP) is a public TVET institution established by legal notice No. 92 of 2016 per the TVET Act guidelines. It is registered and regulated by TVETA. It is one of the leading national polytechnics in the country with a student population of over 10,000. Kabete National is located in Nairobi county along Waiyaki Way next to Kabete police station.

As a national polytechnic, it is allowed by law to train and award certificates for artisan, craft, diploma, and higher diploma-level courses. It can also collaborate with universities and other educational institutions to offer its courses and examinations.

Kabete NP Departments

Kabete National has different curriculum departments that offer a variety of courses. The departments include:

  1. Department of Applied Sciences
  2. Health Sciences
  3. Hospitality
  4. Consumer Studies
  5. Department of Business Studies
  6. Liberal Studies
  7. Mass Media Studies
  8. Computing And Informatics
  9. Mechanical Engineering
  10. Building And Civil Engineering
  11. Architecture And Spatial Planning
  12. Electrical & Electronic Engineering
  13. Entrepreneurship

Kabete NP’s mission and vision


To provide demand-driven quality Training, Research, and Innovation for Sustainable Development.


A premier Polytechnic recognized globally for the advancement of Knowledge and Skills for Sustainable Development.

Kabete NP Contact Details

Website: Address: https://www.kabetepoly.ac.ke/

Phone Number: +254 790 000 001


Postal Address: P.O Box 29010 – 00625, Nairobi.

Where is Kabete NP located?

Kabete National Polytechnic is located in Nairobi County, along Waiyaki Way

Kabete national polytechnic location and contacts

Kabete National Polytechnic Intakes

The institute has 3 intakes within the year to align with the Ministry of Education requirements. The intakes are in January, May, and September of every year. However, inquiries can be made anytime within working hours using the contact details or by visiting the institute.

Fee structure and sponsorship

Students are required to pay tuition fees which must be paid upon reporting to the institute. Other payable fees are student ID, and student welfare among others. Examination fees are paid separately from tuition and the amount depends on the course and current student year of study.

The government through the Ministry of Education gives capitation to subsidize tuition fees for students in public TVET institutions. Please note that using the new funding model it is not automatic to get the scholarship but students must apply. Students should also apply for HELB loans, constituency bursaries, and other sources to facilitate fee payment.

The government has come up with a new funding model for students in tertiary and university which weighs on the level of neediness for individual students.

For more details on fee payment and how to pay please contact the institute.

Courses and requirements for Kabete NP

The course entry requirement to join Kabete NP is determined by the Ministry of Education but the institute can include subject clusters to filter applicants when the need arises.

In Kabete National Polytechnic this applies to Applied and health sciences courses where the subject cluster is a requirement.

For general engineering and business diploma courses (Level 6) students require a minimum of C- and above in KCSE or a craft certificate on the respective course.

To qualify Craft certificate (Level 5) a grade of D plain and D+ in KCSE is required or a pass in artisan in the area of interest.

To undertake the Artisan course (Level 4), you must have a KCPE or KCSE mean grade of D- and E.

During admission, you must submit documents such as KCPE and KCSE results, birth certificate, medical letter, filled application form, and passport-size picture among other documents for verification.

Courses offered in Kabete NP.

The institute offers a variety of courses in the 13 academic departments at the level of diploma, craft, and artisan. KNEC, NITA, KASNEB, or TVETCDACC external examining bodies examine these courses. Courses offered are.

Department of electrical and electronic
Industrial Automation and RoboticsLevel 6 (Diploma)
Electrical Engineering (Power Option)Level 6 (Diploma)
Electrical InstallationLevel 6 (Diploma)
Electrical InstallationLevel 5 Craft
Electrical InstallationLevel 4 Artisan
Electrical Operations (Power Option)Level 6 Diploma
Electronic EngineeringLevel 6 Diploma
ElectronicsLevel 5 Craft
ElectronicsLevel 4 Artisan
Instrumentation and ControlLevel 6 Diploma
Instrumentation and ControlLevel 5 Craft
Telecommunication EngineeringLevel 6 Diploma
Medical EngineeringLevel 6 Diploma
Solar Pv InstallationLevel 3
Departments of Applied sciences
GeophysicalLevel 6
Exploration TechnologyDiploma
Science Įaboratory TechnologyLevel 6 Diploma
Science Įaboratory TechnologyLevel 5 Craft
Analytical ChemistryLevel 6 Diploma
Applied BiologyLevel 6 Diploma
Petroleum GeoScienceLevel 6 Diploma
Departments of Applied SciencesLevel 6 Diploma
Food TechnologyLevel 5 Diploma
Industrial Chemical ProcessesLevel 6 Diploma
Department of agriculture
Department of AgricultureLevel 6 Diploma
Sustainable AgricultureLevel 5 (Craft)
Environmental ScienceLevel 6 Diploma
Dairy Farm ManagementLevel 6 Diploma
Departments of Applied Sciences
Pharmaceutical TechnologyDepartments of Health Science
Medical Laboratory TechnologyLevel 6 Diploma
Health Records & Information TechnologyLevel 6 Diploma
Health Records & Information TechnologyLevel 5 Craft
Nutrition and DieteticsLevel 6 Diploma
Nutrition and DieteticsLevel 5 Craft
Homecare ManagementLevel 6 Diploma
Department of Hospitality
Culinary Art (Food & Beverage Production)Level 6 Diploma
Culinary Art (Food & Beverage Production)Level 5 Craft
Culinary Art (Food & Beverage Sales & Service Management)Level 5 Craft
Baking TechnologyLevel 4 Artisan
Housekeeping & Accommodation ManagementLevel 6 Diploma
Housekeeping & AccommodationLevel 5 Craft
Laundry & Dry CleaningLevel 4 Artisan
Department of Consumer Studies
Hair DressingLevel 5 Craft
Hair DressingLevel 4 Diploma
Beauty TherapyLevel 5 Craft
Beauty TherapyLevel 4 Diploma
Department of Business Studies
Office Management TechnologyLevel 6
Office AdministrationLevel 5
AccountancyLevel 6
Banking And FinanceLevel 6
Business ManagementLevel 6
Business ManagementLevel 5
Cooperative ManagementLevel 6
Cooperative ManagementLevel 5
Project ManagementLevel 6
Project ManagementLevel 5
Human Resource ManagementLevel 6
Human Resource ManagementLevel 5
Supply Chain ManagementLevel 6
Supply Chain ManagementLevel 5
Accounting TechnicianLevel 6
Entrepreneurship EducationLevel 6
Certified Public Accountant (CPA)CPA I CPA III
Certified Human Resource Professional(CHRP)CHRP
Certified Procurement and Supply Professional (CPSP)CPSP
Department of Computing and Informatics
Information Communication TechnologyLevel 6 Diploma
Information Communication TechnologyLevel 5 Craft
Computer ScienceLevel 6 Diploma
Broadcast JournalismLevel 6
Print JournalismLevel 6 Diploma
Library & Information ScienceLevel 6 Diploma
Library & Information ScienceLevel 5 Craft
Records And ArchivesLevel 6 Diploma
Records And ArchivesLevel 5 Craft
Department Mechanical Engineering
Automotive EngineeringLevel 6 Diploma
Automotive EngineeringLevel 5 Craft
Automotive TechnicianLevel 4 Artisan
Mechanical Plant TechnologyLevel 6 Diploma
Mechanical Plant TechnologyLevel 5 Craft
Mechatronic TechnologyLevel 6 Diploma
Welding & FabricationLevel 6 Diploma
Welding & FabricationLevel 4 Diploma
Mechanical Production and MaintenanceLevel 6 Diploma
Mechanical Production and MaintenanceLevel 5 Craft
Refrigeration & Air ConditioningLevel 4 Artisan
Department of Building and Civil Engineering
Interior DesignLevel 5 Craft
Interior DesignLevel 6 Diploma
Architectural TechnologyLevel 6 Diploma
Architectural DraughtsmanshipLevel 5 Craft
Land SurveyLevel 6 Diploma
Quantity SurveyLevel 6 Diploma
Building EconomicsLevel 7 (Higher Diploma)
Scaffolding TechnologyLevel 6 Diploma
Scaffolding TechnologyLevel 5 Craft
Civil EngineeringLevel 6 Diploma
Carpentry and JoineryLevel 5 Craft
Carpentry and JoineryLevel 4 Artisan
MasonryLevel 5 Craft
MasonryLevel 4 Artisan
PlumbingLevel 5 Craft
PlumbingLevel 4 Artisan
Building TechnicianLevel 6 Diploma
Building TechnicianLevel 5 Craft
Construction ManagementLevel 6 Diploma
Construction Management(Building and Civil Eng Option)Level 7(Higher Diploma)

Hostel and accommodation in Kabete NP

Kabete NP offers hostel service within the institute on a first come basis. However, if you don’t get accommodated within the institute hostels, plenty of hostels are within walking distance for students.