Difference between TVETCDACC and TVETA

The TVET Authority and TVET CDACC are separate state SAGAs under the Ministry of Education created under the same TVET Act No.29 of 2013. Each has its different functions as assigned by the Act. The 2 bodies collaborate to improve and regulate the TVET sector in the country.

The TVET Authority is mandated to register trainers and institutions in the TVET sector the TVETCDACC is given a different mandate of developing curriculum, assessment, and certifying students in the sector.

TVET Authority

The authority is given its mandate and authority by the TVET Act of 2013 which outlines around 18 functions. You can read the comprehensive TVETA functions here.

From these functions, they consolidate into 5 main services which are:

  1. Trainer registration and accreditation.
  2. Institution registration and accreditation.
  3. TVET sector standard development.
  4. Compliance and enforcement of the TVET Act.
  5. Outreach Services to popularize the TVET sector.


The TVET Act gives the council around 8 mandates that they should carry out and out of that they consolidate them into 4 main services. Check the comprehensive functions of TVETCDACC. The service includes,

  1. Registration and accreditation of curriculum developers, assessors, verifiers, and assessment centers.
  2. Curriculum development
  3. Competence assessment of CDACC courses
  4. Certification of competence

Difference between theTVETA and TVETCDACC

Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority (TVETA)Technical and Vocational Education and Training Curriculum Development, Assessment and Certification Council (TVET CDACC)
P. O. Box 35625 – 00100, NairobiUtalii House 8th Floor, Utalii Street +254 20 239 2140 +254 700 015 440info@tveta.go.keP.O Box 15745-00100, Nairobi. Absa Towers, 10th Floor, Loita Street0758037608info@tvetcdacc.go.kecdacc.tvet@gmail.com
Established under the TVET Act No.29 of 2013.Established under the TVET Act No.29 of 2013.
Under the Ministry of Education.Under the Ministry of Education.
Accredits and registers TVET institutions and centers.Accredits assessment centers.
Accredits and registers trainers.Accredits curriculum developers, assessors, and verifiers.
It develops standards and policies for the TVET sector.Develops curricula to be used in the TVET sector
Ensure compliance with the TVET Act in the whole TVET sector.Ensure compliance with the process of curriculum development and assessment.
Issues compliance certificates to the institutionsIssues competence certificates in a skill area to learners