Defensive driving course requirements and schools

Have you ever wondered what a defensive driving course entails? Well, in this article we go into detail on what it entails, benefits, requirements, who can do the course and where.

Defensive driving is a mode of driving where the driver anticipates dangerous situations on the road to reduce the chances of accidents from occurring. The defensive driving course trainer the driver on how to reduce the chance of being involved in an accident and if they occur the casualties are less.

Who should take the defensive driving course?

In an ideal situation then all drivers should be encouraged to take the course since it reduces accidents and improves on-road discipline for all drivers.

  1. New drivers: After doing the basic driving course and a person has learned how to drive they can take the defensive driving course to be a more cautious driver.
  2. Experienced drivers: these drivers can do the course as a refresher course to be updated on the new rules and laws on driving. This will help them relearn some of the old practices that they are doing on the road thinking it is the best practice.
  3. Public vehicle drivers: these drivers are entrusted with the lives of many people in their buses or vehicles and they should have the best road discipline to reduce cases of accidents.
  4. VIP drivers: VIP drivers most of the time, drive fast and hence they should be very keen on the road.
  5. Commercial vehicle drivers: Some of the commercial driver may be transporting dangerous cargo or other sensitive goods that must be moved cautiously to avoid accidents.

Requirements and fees to join the Defensive Driving course

The course is an additional advantage for drivers. This means for someone to enroll in a defensive driving course they are required to be a driver with a valid driving license.

The course fees and cost depend on the school that you choose. When factoring in the fees ensure also you consider other costs such as transport, accommodation, and other extras.

Importance of Defensive Driving course

The course comes with benefits for drivers and other road users. Some of the benefits include.

  1. Enhanced road safety: this is the main target and advantage of doing a defensive driving course. It trains the driver to be a more cautious driver to reduce the chances of accidents.
  2. Improved skills: the course improves driving skills. The skills include driving, road laws and regulations, and how to carry out first aid in case of an accident among others.
  3. Competitive advantages: If you apply for a driver’s job and you have a defensive driving course then you have an advantage over someone else who doesn’t.
  4. Save on fuel and vehicle maintenance costs. Safe driving reduces the chance of accidents and collisions which overall reduces the cost of maintaining the vehicle.

Defensive driving safety tips

  1. Ensure you utilize your mirrors effectively to monitor what is going on on all sides of the vehicle.
  2. Stay alert for any eventuality that may happen when driving.
  3. Keep a safe distance from the vehicle ahead.
  4. Use signals effectively and follow the different road signs appropriately.
  5. Manage speed depending on the road conditions, traffic, and speed limit given in different zones.
  6. Be aware of other road users at all times.
  7. Follow all the rules and regulations required while driving