TVET CDACC Approved Occupational Standards and Curricula

As the government of Kenya emblazes skill-based learning technical training institutions were required to play a key role in impacting the skills. Achieving this required education reform specifically in the TVET sector under the Ministry of Education.

TVET CDACC was established under the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Act, No. 29 of 2013. The Council is mandated to undertake the design and development of Curricula for the training institutions’ examination, assessment, and competence certification and advise the Government on matters related thereto.

The TVET CDACC council has developed occupational standards and their respective curricula for level 3 (Grade test) up to level 6 (National Diploma).

What is an occupational standard (OS)?

It is a document that describes the knowledge, skills, and attitude required to work in a specific occupation in the workplace. For example, an occupational standard agriculture engineer will describe what they do day to day to be effective in their work.

Occupational standards are developed with consultation with professionals who are currently holding the same position that you need the standard for. If you need an OS on software engineer then you consult one to develop.

After the standard have been developed then the content can be used to develop the curricula that can be used in learning and training to impact those competencies. The curriculum in this respect is an occupational standard that has been converted to trainable content.

TVET CDACC Approved Occupational Standards and Curricula

Since its adoption, it has been able to develop and design different occupational standards and curricula that can be used to train competent trainees. You can contact the council to get the respective curricular and occupational standards. The data is obtained from TVET CDACC.

Some of the courses approved for training are:

2. Aeronautical Engineering- Air frame and power plant option6
3. Aeronautical Engineering- Avionics option6
4. Agricultural Engineering6
5. Agricultural Extension4
6. Agricultural Extension6
7. Agriculture machinery and equipment4
8. Agriprenuership3
9. Agriprenuership4
12.Air Cargo Management6
13.Air Cargo Operations5
14.Airport operations6
15.Analytical Chemistry6
16.Animation and Digital Media5
17.Animation and Digital Media Technology6
18.Apiary attendant4
19.Apiculture management5
20.Apiculture management6
21.Applied Biology6
22.Applied statistics6
27.Architectural Draftsmanship5
28.Architectural Technology6
29.Artificial Intelligence6
30.Auto body Technology6
31.Automotive Engineering5
32.Automotive Engineering6
33.Automotive Mechanic3
34.Automotive Mechatronics Technology6
35.Automotive Technician4
36.Baking Technology5
37.Baking Technology6
38.Baking Technology (Cake Decoration and Pastry Production)4
39.Baking Technology (Cake decoration)3
40.Baking Technology (Cake producer)3
41.Baking Technology (Cake Production and Decoration)4
42.Baking Technology (Pastry producer)3
43.Baking Technology (Production of Cakes and Pastry Products)4
44.Baking Technology (Production of Yeast Products and Cake Decoration)4
45.Baking Technology (Production of Yeast Products and Cakes)4
46.Baking Technology (Yeast and Pastry Production)4
47.Baking Technology (Yeast products)3
48.Banking and finance6
50.Beauty Therapy3
51.Beauty Therapy4
52.Beauty Therapy5
53.Beauty Therapy6
54.Bee products Processing4
55.Beehives and Equipment Construction4
58.Broadcast Journalism6
59.Building Artisan4
60.Building Technician6
61.Business Management5
62.Business Management6
63.Carpentry and Joinery4
64.Carpentry and Joinery5
66.Ceramic Technology3
67.Ceramic Technology4
68.Ceramic technology6
69.Ceramics Technology5
70.Chemical Engineering6
71.Child Protection5
72.Child Protection6
73.Christian Ministry6
74.Civil Engineering6
75.Clearing and Forwarding6
76.Community health4
77.Community Health5
78.Community health6
79.Community Policing5
80.Computer and Mobile Repair4
81.Computer applications3
82.Computer Programming6
83.Computer Science6
84.Concrete Field Testing4
85.Concrete foreperson5
86.Construction Management6
87.Construction plant Engineering6
88.Construction survey4
89.Cooperative management5
90.Cooperative Management6
91.Corporate Governance6
92.Counseling Psychology5
93.Counseling Psychology6
94.Credit management6
95.Credit Officer5
96.Criminal Justice Management5
97.Criminal Justice management6
98.Customs Administration5
99.Customs Administration6
100.Cyber Security5
101.Cyber Security6
102.Dairy Farm Management3
103.Dairy Farm Management4
104.Dairy Farm Management5
105.Dairy Farm Management6
106.Dairy Plant Management4
107.Dairy Plant Management5
108.Dairy Plant Management6
109.Dairy Processing4
110.Data management and Analytics6
111.Digital Journalism6
112.Distributed Sales3
113.Distributed sales5
114.Drawing and Painting6
115.Electrical Engineering6
116.Electrical Installation3
117.Electrical Installation4
118.Electrical Installation5
119.Electrical Installation6
120.Electrical Operations5
123.Electronics Engineering5
124.Electronics Engineering6
125.Environmental Management6
126.Environmental Science6
127.Fabric Formation5
128.Fashion design4
129.Fashion design5
130.Fashion design (dress making)3
131.Fashion design (tailoring)3
132.Fashion Design Management6
133.Film production6
134.Financial Sales Services5
135.Fine arts5
136.Fine arts6
137.Fingerprint & Biometrics Technology5
138.Fingerprint and Biometric Technology6
139.Fire Management6
140.Fire Management (Pump Operations)3
141.Fire Management (Technical Rescuer)4
142.Fire Management (Water Rescuer)4
143.Fisheries Technology5
144.Fisheries Technology6
145.Fisheries Technology (Dry Dock Operations)3
146.Fisheries Technology (Dry Dock Operations)4
147.Fisheries Technology (fishing operations)3
148.Fisheries Technology (fishing operations)4
149.Fitness Instructor4
150.Flight dispatch6
151.Food and Beverage Production (Culinary Art)3
152.Food and Beverage Production (Culinary Art)6
153.Food and Beverage Production (Culinary Arts)4
154.Food and Beverage Production (Culinary arts)5
155.Food and Beverage Sales and Service Management6
156.Food and Beverage Sales and Services Operations3
157.Food and Beverage Sales Service4
158.Food Beverage Sales and Service Management5
159.Food Processing Technology4
160.Food Technology5
161.Food Technology6
162.Footwear production3
163.Footwear production4
164.Footwear production5
165.Forensic investigation5
166.Forensic investigation6
168.Forestry Management5
169.Forex and securities3
170.Forex and securities4
171.Forex and securities5
172.Forex and Securities6
173.Freight Management6
174.Freight operations5
175.Front Office Operations3
180.Geographical Information System (GIS) Technology4
181.Geophysical Exploration Technology5
182.Geophysical Exploration Technology6
183.Graphic Design5
184.Graphic Design6
189.Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy3
190.Health Records and Information5
191.Health records and IT6
192.Health Services Support4
193.Health Services Support5
194.Herbal Medicine6
195.Highway Engineering6
196.Home Care Management3
197.Home Care Management4
198.Home Care Management5
199.Homecare Management6
200.Horticultural Produce Processing Management3
201.Horticultural Produce Processing Management4
202.Horticultural Produce Processing Management5
203.Horticultural Produce Processing Management6
204.Horticulture Nursery Management3
205.Horticulture Nursery Management4
206.Horticulture Nursery Management5
207.Horticulture Nursery Management6
208.Horticulture Production3
209.Horticulture Production4
210.Horticulture Production5
211.Horticulture Production6
212.Housekeeping and Accommodation3
213.Housekeeping and Accommodation4
214.Housekeeping and Accommodation5
215.Housekeeping and Accommodation6
216.Human Resource Management5
217.Human Resource Management6
218.ICT Technician4
219.ICT Technician5
220.ICT Technician6
221.Industrial Automation and Robotics6
222.Industrial Controls Installations6
223.Industrial Mechatronics Technology6
224.Industrial plant operation5
225.Industrial Plant Operations4
226.Industrial plant operations6
227.Instrumentation and Control3
228.Instrumentation and Control4
229.Instrumentation and Control5
230.Instrumentation and Control6
231.Instrumentation and Control (Calibrations and Measurements)3
232.Instrumentation and Control (Industrial Pneumatics)3
233.Instrumentation and control (Simple Automation)4
238.Integrated Pest Management5
239.Interior Design4
240.Interior Design5
241.Interior Design6
242.Interior Design Finishing5
243.Investment Management6
244.Irrigation and Drainage Engineering Technology6
245.Islamic Banking6
246.Land Surveying5
247.Land surveying6
248.Laundry and Dry-Cleaning Operations4
249.Leather Goods Production5
250.Leather Processing (tanning)5
251.Leather Technology6
252.Library and Information Science5
253.Library and information science6
254.Marine Engineering5
255.Marine Engineering (Ship Construction)6
256.Maritime Transport and Logistics6
258.Marketing Management6
259.Marriage and Family Therapy5
260.Marriage and family therapy6
263.Meat Abattoir Operations4
264.Meat Based Product Processing4
265.Meat Butchery Operations3
266.Meat Butchery Operations4
267.Meat Processing5
268.Meat Slaughterhouse Operations3
269.Mechanical Heavy and Light Machinery Operations (Earth Moving)3
270.Mechanical Heavy and Light Machinery Operations (Mobile Crane Operations)6
271.Mechanical Heavy and Light Machinery Operations (Slinging and Rigging Operations)3
272.Mechanical plant engineering Technology6
273.Mechanical Plant Technology5
274.Mechanical Production (Grinding and Fabrication)4
275.Mechanical Production (Lathe and Fabrication)4
276.Mechanical Production (Milling and Fabrication)4
277.Mechanical Production Technology5
278.Mechanical Technology (Production)6
279.Mechanical Technology and Maintenance.6
280.Mechatronic Technician5
281.Mechatronic Technician6
282.Medical Engineering5
283.Medical Engineering6
284.Medical laboratory technology6
285.Mining Technology6
286.Motorcycle Mechanics3
287.Motorcycle Mechanics4
288.Music Art5
289.Music performance6
290.Music technology6
291.Network and System Administration6
292.Nutrition and Dietetics5
293.Nutrition and dietetics6
294.Office Administration5
295.Office Administration6
296.Office Assistance4
297.Oil Pipeline Fire Operations5
298.Oil Pipeline Instrumentation and Control5
299.Oil Pipeline Laboratory Technology5
300.Oil Pipeline Mechanical Maintenance5
301.Oil Pipeline Operations5
302.Optical technology6
303.Pastry cook4
304.Pension Management6
305.Perioperative Theatre Technology5
306.Perioperative Theatre Technology6
307.Petroleum Management6
308.Pharmaceutical technology6
309.Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing6
310.Pig production3
311.Pig production4
312.Plant and Service3
313.Plant and Service4
314.Plant and Service Engineering5
315.Plant and Service Engineering6
319.Post-Press Printing Technology5
320.Poultry Breeding and Hatchery Operations5
321.Poultry Broiler Production Operations3
322.Poultry Broiler Production Operations4
323.Poultry Hatchery Operations4
324.Poultry Kienyeji Production3
325.Poultry Layer Production3
326.Poultry Layer Production4
327.Poultry Management Technology6
328.Poultry Processing Operations5
329.Poultry Products Processing Operations4
330.Pre- Press Printing Technology5
331.Press Printing technology5
332.Print Journalism6
333.Printing Technology6
334.Product Design5
335.Project Management5
336.Project Management6
337.Public administration6
338.Quantity Surveying6
339.Records and Archive Management4
340.Records and Archives Management5
341.Records and Archives Management6
342.Refrigeration and Air Conditioning4
343.Refrigeration and Air Conditioning5
344.Refrigeration and Air Conditioning6
345.Road Transport Management5
346.Road Transport Management6
347.Road Transport Operations4
348.Salt Processing4
349.Scaffolding Technology3
350.Scaffolding Technology4
351.Scaffolding technology5
352.Scaffolding technology6
353.Science Laboratory Technician5
354.Science laboratory technology6
355.Security Guarding3
356.Security Guarding4
357.Security management5
358.Security management6
359.Sign Language4
360.Social Work and Community Development3
361.Social Work and Community Development4
362.Social Work and Community Development5
363.Social Work and Community Development6
364.Soft furnishing5
365.Soil management3
366.Soil management4
367.Soil management5
368.Soil management6
369.Solar PV installation3
371.Sports Instructor Technology4
372.Sports Science Technology4
373.Sports Science Technology6
374.Storekeeping Management5
375.Supply Chain Management5
376.Supply Chain Management6
377.Sustainable Agriculture for Rural Development5
378.Tax Administrator6
379.Tax Clerk5
380.Technical trainer6
381.Telecommunication Engineering6
382.Textile Engineering6
383.Textile Processing5
384.Theatre arts6
385.Tour Guide5
386.Tourism and Travel Management5
387.Tourism and Travel Management6
388.Wastewater and Sanitation Engineering Technology6
389.Water Engineering6
390.Water Laboratory Technology6
391.Water resource management technology6
393.Welding (Gas Welding and Gas Tungsten Arc Welding)4
394.Welding (Gas Welding)3
395.Welding (Manual Metal Arc and Gas Metal Arc Welding)4
396.Welding (Manual Metal Arc Welding)3
397.Welding and fabrication5
398.Welding and Fabrication6
399.Wildlife Management5
400.Wildlife Management6
401.Wine Technology5
402.Sweet potato processing3
403.Sweet potato processing4
404.Sweet potato production3
405.Sweet potato production4
406.Sweet potato processing and production5