List of approved schools and their functions in Kenya

Approved schools also called rehabilitation schools are created under the Children Act 2022 section 78.

The schools are meant to rehabilitate children who conflict with the law. It rehabilitates children with delinquent behaviours such as robbery with violence, sexual offences, theft, assault, vandalism, truancy, etc.

Functions of Approved Schools in Kenya

The main function of the approved school is to provide training and rehabilitation to child offenders and children in need of care and protection.

They are enrolled in these schools as they serve the term for the crime they committed. They are placed in these schools since they are not adult to be placed in normal prisons.

These behaviours that can make a child be admitted in these approved schools range from murder, robbery with violence, terrorism activities, sexual offences, theft, assault, vandalism, drug, and substance abuse & trafficking, and truancy among other anti-social behaviours.

List of government-approved schools in Kenya

According to the Kenya Child Protection Data, there are 9 rehabilitation schools, 2 are girls while the others are boys.

  1. Dagoretti Girls Rehabilitation School
  2. Kirigiti Girl’s Rehabilitation Sch.
  3. Kabete Rehabilitation School
  4. Kakamega Rehabilitation School
  5. Kericho Boy’s Rehabilitation Sch
  6. Kisumu Rehabilitation School
  7. Likoni Boys’ Rehabilitation Sch.
  8. Othaya Boy’s Rehabilitation Sch
  9. Wamumu Boy’s Rehabilitation Sch.

Courses offered in rehabilitation schools.

Basic education is a requirement in these schools since they are still children. So they continue with the academic programs at the level that they were before admission to the school.

Other programs that are offered in approved schools include. Vocational courses, counseling, life skills, and scouting among others.